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Pod O'clock is it?

Kicking Back With The Cardiffians is now available to subscribe to on BBC Sounds
Pod O'clock is it?

Hello Dearest,

After being a guest on all the biggest and best pods, today I can officially add podcaster to my curriculum vitae.

Rather than having three hour chats about "science" or discussing a very specific truffle oil, I wanted to create something about a world far-far away from red carpets and Michelin stars.

This project began as a way to capture the heft, hilarity and most of all the working class wisdom in my family's stories.

From notes in my lady file-o-fax and lots of voice memos with my lovely producers Lynsey and Paul, clearer themes began to bloom. Topics such as belonging, identity, and the unbreakable bonds of family revealed themselves.

As well as my family, across the 15 episodes I'm going be introducing you to some of my chosen family and some of Cardiff's most fabulous characters.

Before the first conversation with my dad is published tomorrow, I've recorded a brief voice note intro to the series with a few clips to give you a first taste of the series to come. You'll find that and the subscribe button here:

Kicking Back With The Cardiffians - Meet the Cardiffians - BBC Sounds
Revelations, laughter and the wonder of Cardiff as Charlotte chats to her family.

Kicking Back With The Cardiffians is now available to subscribe to on BBC Sounds or - altogether now - wherever you get your podcasts (Apple, Spotify, etc).

If you've never subscribed to a podcast before, clicking subscribe will mean that they appear on your phone (the BBC Sounds app is free), tablet or computer when a new episode is ready. Take one out for a walk in the woods or pop it on in the car.

There's even more info in the press release here.